Discover All Structures, Inc.’s General Contracting Services

Structures, Inc.’s full-service design-build services in the Grand Forks, ND area apply to several different community sectors.

We’re proud to help clients of different professional backgrounds put their vision on paper and fully complete their next construction project.

Whether it’s working on minor repairs, completing general maintenance and renovations, or building a brand new building from the ground up, Structures, Inc. is the perfect business partner.

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Commercial construction

Commercial Construction

One area our design-build contracting company specializes in is commercial construction in Grand Forks, helping community members and business owners create the perfect space to house their enterprises. A few common commercial construction buildings Structures, Inc. in North Dakota often has a hand in creating are banks, traditional office spaces, retail stores, restaurants, storage facilities, and warehouses. View our gallery to see some of our work!

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Pre-engineered construction

Pre-Engineered Construction

Instead of going about North Dakota construction projects in the traditional way — that is, breaking ground and building everything on-site to spec — Structures, Inc.'s contracting can help our clients through pre-engineered construction. This method of accomplishing projects involves utilizing materials from a manufacturing supplier with simple, easy-to-construct designs that are capable of satisfying a variety of structural and aesthetic requirements. If your project could benefit from these standard engineering designs, reach out to Structures, Inc. in Grand Forks today!

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Metal roof construction

Metal Roofing Construction

The roof is one of the most important parts of your construction project, as it is essential to keeping everything inside safe from the elements. Structures, Inc.’s design-build contracting firm can help you explore different options for a metal roof and even help you create a custom design to suit your commercial, industrial, institutional, or government sector building. Our designs will meet all your requirements and come with a standard one-year warranty for your peace of mind. Contact our Grand Forks contracting company today to learn more about our metal roofing options!

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Industrial construction

Industrial & Institutional Construction

Structures, Inc. is proud to help industrial sector clients plan out and build/retrofit spaces that are capable of serving a variety of purposes for their current and ever-changing needs. Our institutional sector clients benefit from our cost-effective, detail-oriented construction practices that can be used to build everything from educational buildings (such as public or private K-12 schools or college campuses), to recreational and athletic buildings, religious facilities, and more.

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Explore all Structures, Inc.’s design-build services and let us help you create your dream space!

At Structure, Inc., our staff members always follow best safety practices and ensure the final product is user-friendly and efficient, even partnering with local engineering and architect firms to achieve the best result possible. If you would like to learn more about our design-build contracting services or would like to request a quote, reach out to Structure, Inc. today

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